Monday, October 11, 2010

Two-for-one special

I was asked a question recently. "Why are you so sarcastic?"

I'm more sardonic in my verbiage, I think. But more important a correction is the fact that this is a two part question. Let's take the first.

Why? The source of philosphy, that question, dating back to ancient Greece. It's the seed of scientific inquiry which has carried the world to new levels of achievement. Psychology has tried to answer it as it's emanated from the psyche of humans and others. Mountain climbers address it with off-hand reference to a summit's presence, writers to the absence of written word. Biologists provide my favorite approach - food and sex.

I, in a rare moment of humility, will admit I don't have the capacity to add to the tomes of discourse attempting to delve the question of "Why?". So on to part two.

Am I so sarcastic? No-o-o-o. Not at all.

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