Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dave Farland - a coming interview with Yours Rudely

I've progressed from subtle subjugation of a holiday with my Valentine's greeting cards to full-blown consumer marketing. It seems next I'll be lactating and maintaining a stable body temperature. I can still sleep at night, or anytime, as it's for someone else and not for monetary gain.

Hmm. Have to get my pedicure funding somewhere else.

There is a gentleman by the name of Dave Farland, apparently of some status in the literary world. I've agreed, and DWD states it is a privilege, to interview him on October 15th. I believe he's from the East coast time zone, as there is some mention of New York Times in association with his designation as a bestselling author.

DWD has instructed I conceptualize him as a monitor lizard, or perhaps an Ituri chameleon, to help mask my condescension toward mammals. I don't think it will be a problem. Mr. Dalton is just projecting his sensitivity. Nonetheless, I will not create a mental image of Mr. Farland as a snake, as this apparently has some negative connotation among humans.

In addition to my questions, Dave Farland will be available answer those of my readership, which has doubled since my interview with the Eveleth Elle. Thanks for that, girls. And for the complimentary subscription.

Oops. Another shameless plug. What's happening to me?

Okay, back to Mr. Farland. See how quickly I cut off my diversion of a conversation? Pull it all to me out of habit, but then turn it around again. That's called progress, all you therapists out there.

Okay, really back to Mr. Farland. He has published over fifty science fiction & fantasy novels and anthologies, and is the winner and former judge for L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future contest. DWD informs me this is a singular accomplishment of some renown and rarity. All I know, as far as I've been able to discern, is winning and judging in no way indicate association with Mr. Hubbard's Scientology prank. Or is it spoof? This human religion stuff is complicated.

Speaking of which, check back about the time your kids are going crazy waiting for Trick or Treating. If you don't have any, check back when you are going crazy. Don't act like it doesn't happen.

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